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How can I place an order?

All orders should be placed via our website. We do not take orders via WhatsApp or email.

We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and since our early delivery slots can fill up quickly, we recommend ordering online as soon as possible. Please note that requesting menu recommendations will delay the process, so we encourage you to place your order directly through our website

What are the delivery days and times?

We deliver every day from 7AM until 6PM. 

What is the delivery fee / How to enjoy Free Delivery?

Enjoy Free Delivery on orders over $250
Valid for orders to be delivered from 8AM
Within a radius of 15km from our bakery (338 Changi Road)

If you are ordering for less than $250, our delivery fees vary based on 2 criteria:
Delivery Time and Distance from our central bakery kitchen at 338 Changi Road.
Delivery fee will be calculated at checkout when entering your delivery address.
The closer you are to our central kitchen, the cheaper the delivery fee will be. 


Can I self pick-up?

Yes, you can collect your orders from either one of our 2 outlets:

338 Changi Road 01-08
16 Collyer Quay 01-06

What are your opening hours?

338 Changi Road
Mon-Fri 7:30 AM to 6PM
Sat-Sun 7:30 AM to 3PM

16 Collyer Quay 01-06
Mon-Fri 7:30 AM to 4PM

I want to add-on to my existing order. How should I proceed?

We invite you to place a second order online and select "Self Pick-up" to avoid paying delivery fee a second time. You should refer to your initial order number in the comment section and indicate that you would like your 2 orders to be merged together. 

What modes of payment do you accept?

Orders should be paid directly on our website when placing your order. We accept any credit card online (Visa, Master, AMEX).

For walk-in purchases in either one of our two outlets we accept: Cash, Paynow, Grabpay and credit cards.

Can I cancel my order?

We do not accept cancellations however we can move your delivery to another day of your choice.

Are your pastries vegetarian / vegan?

All of our sweet pastries are vegetarian however our savory pastries are not vegetarian as they contain meet or fish.
Our pastries are not vegan as they contain butter and milk.

Are you Halal Certified?

While we do not have the certification, the ingredients used for our pastries are halal with the exception of our Ham & Cheese croissant/sandwich and our Cannelé. 

How long in advance should I place my order?

The bigger your order the ear
lier you should place it.
We recommend ordering a few days early if you can although you can also order on the same-day.

Note that the earliest delivery slots are the fastest ones that get fully booked which is why we recommend ordering early.

When placing your order you will be asked the exact delivery time you want. If you select 9AM, we will deliver between 8:45 AM and 9:15 AM.

How long can your pastries be kept?

We recommend eating the pastries on the same day you receive them. They can be kept at room temperature until the next day. They can be consumed at room temperature but they are even nicer when heated up in the oven!

My meeting starts at 8:30 AM. What time should I get delivered?

We recommend getting delivered 45 minutes prior to your meeting. 

How many pastries should I order for a group of 10 pax?

We recommend to order 3 mini pastries / person. For a group of 10 people, we would recommend 30 mini pastries. 

How can I sign up to your newsletter and get my first $5 promo code?

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Feel free to drop us an email at
Give us a call or Whatsapp at:
+65 8224 8011 (Laura) / +65 9721 0242 (Fara)

Delivery Time
7AM to 7:29 AM  
7:30AM to 7:59 AM 
8AM to 6PM

Delivery Fee
$45 to $50
$35 to $45  
$15 to $25


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