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That's me Laura, I'm the founder and CEO of Le Petit Croissant, a company that I launched in January 2017 in Hong Kong and in May 2019 in Singapore! 

I've always loved good food and I've always enjoyed baking. That's probably because I've always seen my parents cooking at home in France.


I started my work life in the food delivery industry in Hong Kong. I quickly became passionate about that sector which has been booming in the recent years.


Back then, I was the kind of person who had dozen business ideas per day and I was dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur. One day, the idea of delivering delicious French pastries to offices in Hong Kong came to my mind and I decided to do it.

That's how I became an entrepreneur at the age of 24.

What an adventure it has been since...


Let me tell you how it all started.


In every country where I lived I've always been trying out all the bakeries in town to find the best one. In Angers, France, where I did my business studies, it was a real pleasure to try out all the bakeries! There were so many and each of them was amazing. In Auckland, New Zealand, it was pretty hard to find good pastries. In Shanghai, where I studied for 6 months, it was even harder. In Hong Kong, where I was settled in, the taste of pastries wasn't great. I was disappointed and I believed I wasn't the only one...

I knew that food delivery was booming and I loved that sector in which I was working already. I saw the gap in the market and I seized the opportunity. 

I opened Le Petit Croissant in January 2017 in Hong Kong. The earliest breakfast delivery service in town serving the best French pastries specialised in corporate deliveries!

Founder Le Petit Croissant Laura Dagoneau Landry Catering Delivery Hong Kong Singapore
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Launching Le Petit Croissant was the best thing I ever did!

Becoming an entrepreneur was my dream and I will always be proud of my business.



I'm so proud of where we are now! My team is putting effort in delivering a service of great quality to every single client. 


Le Petit Croissant is now 5 years old!


Our Singapore takeaway shop has been open for 2 years already. Time flies!


Our Singapore team keeps growing and will get bigger with a baby croissant expected in September. 

Hong Kong is also operating with a delivery offer only (no walk ins).

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